• 04 JUL 16
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    Pain Management

    One of our top priorities at Copeland Veterinary Hospital is keeping your pet comfortable and pain free in every situation. Common causes of pain include surgery, trauma, cancer, neurologic, or musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, and chronic pain disorders. We use “multi-modal” or combination therapy to achieve optimal pain relief. Certain combinations of medications can provide excellent pain relief while reducing the amount of medication necessary which is a healthier alternative to large doses of a single drug. Our surgical protocols include sedation, general anesthesia, systemic analgesics, and anti-inflammatories, local and regional blocks, as well as epidural anesthesia to achieve complete pain control. Specialized pain protocols are utilized for emergency and critical care situations where respiratory and cardiac function must be carefully considered. Some routine diagnostics such as radiographs or ultrasound require mild sedation for proper positioning and restraint to obtain quality images. Local and regional blocks are often used in combination with general anesthesia to achieve optimal comfort during our dental procedures. We also have several pain protocols in place to manage chronic pain in elderly or debilitated patients. If you have concerns about your pets daily comfort, pain control regarding a procedure or questions about controlling chronic pain, please call us for a consultation today.

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