• 04 JUL 16
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    Before you purchase your next medication refill or prescription, ask us about our pharmacy. Today there are many opetions available to pet owners when considering purchasing medications. On-line pharmacies, over-the-counter medications and catalogs are alternative but not always reliable sources for obtaining medications. At Copeland Veterinary Hospital, we have your pet’s medical history and can counsel you on potential drug interactions, proper medication administration, and possible side effects. Whether you have questions during office hours or after closing, just give us a call, we are there to answer your questions. Our staff stand behind our products and will ensure you get the most for your money. We maintain a large invetory of many popular heatworm, flea and tick preventive medications, and more. Our products are obtained from a reliable source and stored under appropriate conditions to ensure efficacy. Whether your pet has a chronic condition, an acute illness, or needs post-surgical medications, you can fill those conveniently and confidently at our pharmacy.

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