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Welcome To Costello Insurance & Associates Inc.

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Thank you all for your patience during this unpredictable time.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are on a mandatory quarantine and only the essentials are open for the agency’s county.

Please note that our agency is working remotely and will be taking minimal phone calls.

If you have a claim, need to make a payment, or if you need policy changes, please reach out to your carrier directly. You can find the phone number on your policy page or see below for a list of numbers.

Lastly, we will be reachable via email so please feel free to contact us that way and we will do our best to service your request in a timely manner.

Arriel Llinas – (policy changes and/or coverage questions) Owners assistant.

Kelli Newton – (general questions and cancellations)

Customer and general questions)

Rocio Santana – (mortgage changes, title company questions, renewal questions, payments, and mortgage company questions only)

Please note that we cannot bind or alter coverage via voicemail.

List of Carriers:

Anchor Insurance 1-877-382-9169
Avatar 1-877-233-3238
Cabrillo/Safe Harbor 1-866-896-7233
Capital Preferred 1-800-734-4749
Cypress Property 1-800-765-1347
Epic 1-866-726-3491
Edison/Florida Peninsula 1-866-568-8922
Elements/Avatar 1-877-233-3237
Epic 1-866-709-8749
Federated National/ Monarch 1-800-293-2532
FL Family 1-888-850-4663
FL Peninsula 1-877-229-2244
FL Specialty 1-888-723-3055
Hearth 1-833-484-3432
Heritage 1-855-415-7120
Homeowners Choice 1-888-210-5235
Hudson 1-866-546-3981
Hull & Company/ Geo Vera 1-800-631-6478
McNeill Group 1-800-432-3072
Modern USA/American Traditions 1-866-561-3433
Lexington 1-800-931-9546 option 1
Nationwide 1-800-423-7675
Olympus 1-800-711-9386
Peoples Trust 1-877-333-1230
Prepared 1-877-313-1824
Safe Point 1-877-858-7445
Security First 1-877-581-4862
Selective Flood 1-877-348-0552
Southern Oak 1-877-900-2280
Spinnaker 1-866-836-3085
Tapco 1-800-334-5579
Typtap 1-844-289-7968
United Property 1-888-256-3378
Universal North America 1-866-458-4262
Universal Property 1-800-470-0599
Western World 1-888-847-8600 (

Costello Insurance & Associates Inc. has been serving the state of Florida for over 10 years. We offer several types of insurance including Homeowners, Auto, Commercial, Business, Renters, Flood and General Liability.

We are here to exceed your expectations in all of your insurance needs. We represent the top, private companies. We look forward to serving you.